how to raise phosphate in aquarium

How to Raise Phosphate in Reef Tank?

Phosphate is a compound of phosphorus that comes from uneaten Food, waste, decomposing plants, and fish organics. It is considered essential for saltwater and reef tanks. And the optimal value of Phosphate for a reef tank is 0.05 ppm-mg/l The importance of controlling aquarium phosphate is immense. Any time phosphate can be decreased or increased …

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how long for nitrites to go down

How Long for Nitrites to Go Down?

In nature, the nitrogen cycle is done automatically where the nitrogen goes from air to plant to bacteria and then again to air. In this process, human intervention is not required. But the fish tank is different. Here, you have to do the nitrogen cycle almost manually. Nitrate is an odorless and colorless gas that …

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What eats bubble algae

What Eats Bubble Algae?

Bubble algae is a type of marine algae found in freshwater, saltwater, and reef tanks. It is one of the largest single-cell organisms whose color is from single green to dark green. What color and size it will depend on the light it is getting. It has come up in a variety of sizes which …

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