About us


This is Justyn Wiza, welcoming you to BeginnerFishTank.com, the store of resources for new fish keepers. I have been the owner of an aquarium for 9 years, including a Freshwater Aquarium, Reef Tank, Planted Aquarium, Saltwater fish aquarium, and Coldwater aquarium.

I share my experience on this website that a beginner needs to know to get started. An Expert can definitely benefit as I discuss fish types, behaviour, mates, aquarium care, and set up guidelines. 

Actually, I am very passionate about helping others enjoy the hobby of fish keeping offering a wide range of resources, about how-to guides, essential accessories, and an aquarium environment. 

As a passionate, I always want to make your aquarium healthy, containing a natural environment as much as possible, serving essential resources. 

We hope you enjoy this website and find it useful!

Thanking you!

Justyn Wiza,

Owner of BeginnerFishTank.com